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Cookeville, TN




The parish Welcoming Committee plays a central role in helping our parish become a more vibrant and welcoming community. The members of this committee are the face and heart of the parish to new members. They help to build up the Body of Christ by increasing membership and sharing with all parishioners the ways that they can be an important part of Christ’s living body, the Church.

The parish Welcoming Committee is made up of the Director of Welcome, who heads the committee and is the liaison with the parish office staff. Eight committee members and the Director of Welcome meet every several months to discuss ways to make new parishioners feel welcome and get acclimated to our parish.

The parish Welcome Committee strives to:

  • Make new parishioners feel welcome and at home at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church.
  • Helps every new parishioner to understand that he is an important member of the community.
  • Helps every parishioner to understand that they have something of deep significance to contribute to God’s Kingdom.

Members of the parish Welcome Committee will call each new parishioner and welcome them to the parish. During a face-to-face meeting the Welcome Committee member may:

  • Offer a tour of the church building and the grounds to familiarize the new parishioner with the parish campus.
  • Explain opportunities for growth in Catholic Spirituality.
  • Explain the ministries available and opportunities to participate within
    the parish life.
  • Explaining the importance of the regular use of offertory envelopes.


Meetings of the Director of the Welcoming Committee and the committee members will take place at the parish at a mutually agreed upon time on an as-needed basis. Discussion will focus on how the welcoming of new members is working. Also, members may discuss new ideas for welcoming new parishioners. All initiatives to welcome newcomers must be approved by the Pastor of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church.


Would you like to welcome new members?

Fran Hopkins
(931) 526-2575 Ext. 227